Be A Decent Human!

My heart hurts for those who lost a loved one as a result of the shooting that took place today at the Fifth Third Building on Fountain Square in Cincinnati.Innocent people lost their lives today for simply being in a particular place at a particular time. This isn’t an unsafe part of town. They shouldn’t have been in danger, but their lives ended today due to the selfish act of others. I will never understand the need for senseless violence and the want or intent of people to cause harm to others.Although a motive may be discovered as a result of the ensuing investigation, the loss of life will never be justified.

I have my opinions on gun control and the necessity of owning or not owning a gun, but will keep those to myself. What I ask of you is simple: BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING AND LOVE YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS. Love them regardless of their race, sexual identity, religion, political views, financial stature, music preference, sports affiliation...whatever. Just love them!  Love, care about, and support each other. After you’re gone, be the kind of person whose love and positivity will be missed.

This is a I photo I took in Fountain Square last April.  I love this city, especially this area. My wife and I visit it frequently.  What happened today won’t change my view of Cincinnati even if it has affected my view on society.


Ask yourself, what have you done today to improve someone’s life? Have you done anything to diminish someone’s happiness? If so, why? What did you gain? Was it worth it?

The one goal I’ve ever had for my photography is to make others happy. Now, this photo and any of this area will only remind me of the loss that occurred here today.

Fountain Square, Cincinnati.

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